Beijing at night

Video production has the power to transform your potential lead into a customer in China. Today’s growing visual economy is at its peak. Great video production equals great results. When it comes to shooting video for marketing in China, Snippies has you covered.

We have curated a group of video production teams to meet any marketing demands on the ground in China today. 

Whether you’re building a pitch, require user and brand testimonials, need to build robust case studies, manage event coverage or shoot commercials, we have professional teams on the ground in China for every niche. 

Creating compelling video content for your brand and business is one of the best ways to let the consumer know that you care. But how will you know that it is effective?

Secrets of Video Marketing in China:

1. Keep it personal

The Chinese consumer does in-depth research before spending. By capturing real consumer interviews on video, you will be better suited for creating viral content for the Chinese market.

2. Know your KOLs

KOLs are key opinion leaders or influencers on social media. If you are able to tap one of these individuals, who sometimes have more than 10 million followers, to create a compelling brand video, then you have the trust of the Chinese consumer.

3. Mini Videos are Key

Shooting mini videos has the potential to launch your brand into stardom in China. Today, consumer interviews are shot in short bites for quick consumption with excellent video editing. Videos on platforms like Youku, Weibo and Bilibili are extremely popular with the audience. You may personalize these videos with your branded hashtags and content. Ensure that your production is in Chinese to connect with the audience. 

Video Marketing in China is an effective crowd puller. 

If you plan on launching your brand in the fast-paced Chinese market, using video production is a definite must. Videos build trust, help you reach the local audience and maintain influence over your competition.