Making a marketing video is easy! Or is it?

If you’ve ever attempted to make a marketing video on your own or are given the daunting task of producing a video for a corporate entity, you already know that it’s not an easy gig. While your CEO has told you repeatedly that making videos is as easy as picking up an iPhone and opening the camera you know that it takes a lot more than just that.

Below you can find 3 tips that will still help you get more video done with a lot less:

1. Make a Pre-Production Checklist

Plan your video shoot. The better you are at planning your video shoot during the pre-production stage, the easier it gets. A good producer (that’s what you are now!) knows that a pre-production checklist will make every video you create simpler time and time again. Once you acknowledge all the elements, human resources, and extra preparations required for your shoot, you’ll be able to reuse them the next time around.

2. Outsource or Get Help

You may be the captain of the ship, but you don’t have to be the chef, navigator and concierge. Get some help! Whether it’s a professional video production company or Karen from accounting, don’t try to do everything on your own. Even Steven Spielberg needs a team of a few thousand people to make a movie. Why shouldn’t you get some extra hands on deck?

Figure out the essentials that you can take care of and outsource everything else.

3. Write a Script

A well-written script gets your message across clearly. On the day of your planned shoot, many things can and will go wrong. And when you finally have the full video in front of you during post-production, a script will save the day. A script organizes your ideas into something coherent. It’s like visualization, but with words. Try it!

By planning, getting the right video crew together, and writing a solid script you’ll be able to do a lot more with your final product.