You typed in a quick search for a video production company near you and moved ahead. But in addition to the videos they have produced in the past, there are 3 litmus tests available to know that you should get into business with them. 

Every production company needs the following things. 

1. Liability Insurance – Having insurance gives you a hint that the video production crew knows a lot more about production than making a short video. Liability insurance protects you and the company in case of any mishaps during the production. Every policy is different but primarily, the kinds of things you want to see should cover the audio and video equipment including lights, wires, drones, and so forth. Most liability insurance will protect the entire video crew while they are out filming. Say a light falls or a drone crashes into a window – all these things need to be covered so that you don’t start fighting a lawsuit while trying to create a brand video. A comprehensive insurance would also include worker’s compensation. A production company will have a set number of individuals who work on any given shoot. All these members need to be protected by insurance, in the case of an accident or emergency.  

2. Professional Equipment – Your video production company should have the best equipment. A camera is one of the most important aspects of your production, but not the only one. Ensure that they have reliable, tried & tested sound and light equipment, as well. A video production is all about the setup and finding the right visual that will deliver a compelling corporate or marketing video.

3. Experience – A lot of young filmmakers want to hit the ground running by trying out their freshly gained skills in film school on your business. While their chutzpah is admirable, nothing beats experience. As you’ve probably grasped by now, the professional video production company you choose should be able to do a lot more than just film a pretty visual. This means pre-production, scriptwriting, location scouting, obtaining licenses, registrations, managing the entire cast and crew, overseeing the post-production and ensuring final delivery within your deadline. In video production, very much like in life, things can and do go wrong. Having an experienced video production house makes the difference between a hit and a disaster. 

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