Which resolution is best?

If you are shopping for a big screen TV today, there are quite a few options in the marketplace.

Curved and 3D TVs are a marketing distraction with little in terms of technical or visual impact.

But the one major question on new television owners’ minds today is primarily about the resolution: 4K or 1080p.

The Pixels Breakdown

Watching 4K vs. 1080p on TV

From a user’s perspective, the difference in 4K is that it allows you to view the tiniest details and more colors per inch. But, one caveat is that you have to sit pretty close to notice the tiny differences.

So, the question on whether or not you should purchase a 4K television or 1080p depends on what you plan on watching.

Today, most of the higher end TV sets available are 4K, and with good reason. The entire visual clarity and detail gets a boost. There is also good reason to purchase 4K if you have a home theater since streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and others do have 4K content available today.

Shooting Video in 4K

From a production perspective, video crews that shoot video in 4K are much better off today.

If you have to produce a brand marketing video, man-on-street interviews or manage event coverage in style, you might as well opt for 4K. The benefit is that you will be able to screen it at higher resolutions, showcasing the vibrant details of your subject. And all video shot on 4K has the ability to be compressed to HD and other lower resolution screens, while delivering a greater quality image.

So if you are looking for a production team or simply watching videos, 4K is the preferred resolution today.