Video production is a big part of corporate communication and branding.

As your business grows, your videos need to reflect your growth and identity as an organization. While it is great to use internal teams for small projects here and there, when your video production requirements start increasing to multiple markets, you will be much better off with a professional local video crew.

In addition to saving thousands of dollars on travel and lodging costs, here are 5 Reasons Why Local Video Crews are a Good Idea:

1. Latest Video Equipment – While your iPhone may take excellent quality video, a professional video crew comes with a lot more than a camera. They work with the newest and best cameras, tripods, audio and lighting equipment.

2. Production Knowledge – A local video crew is trained to maximize its time during a shoot. The content they deliver will always surpass your expectations. You will get so much content that you’ll be able to create multiple videos from a single shoot.

3. Storytelling – A video crew is more than a group of camera enthusiasts. The lead producer on a shoot will plan the production in a way that creates the most interesting visual story.

4. Post Production – Video shoots can be excellent, but it’s the editing in the post-production facility that truly finishes a video. The post-production team works with music, transitions, subtitles, motion graphics and a lot more to take your video to the next level.

5. Producer – While you may work with the communication, HR, or marketing department within your organization, a producer who is solely focused on the video production aspect makes your life much easier. When you work with local producers, they get things done well and fast. Whether it’s dealing with local laws, finding interesting man-on-street interview subjects or organizing the crew, a producer adds tremendous value.

Use local video crews to save time and produce more compelling and effective corporate, branding and event coverage videos.