Video content is way beyond a fad; it is here to stay and a critical part of your marketing plan.

Studies have shown that 54% of customers prefer video content to any other type from the brands they love.

Content like consumer interviews, man-on-street videos and explainer videos have skyrocketed brands to the top of their game.

Videos are great, but they can also be expensive.

Here are 5 ways to get the most value out of your marketing video production.

A great crew makes a world of difference. You can achieve twice as much work in half the time if your production team knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

From spotting great locations to taking good B-roll footage, a good video crew will elevate the entire video production experience.

A great end product comes with vision. Make sure you know exactly how you want the final video to look and feel. See it in your mind; jot it down on paper and communicate it with your video crew and you’ll get the most out of your time.

When you end up going for your shoot, think of any other images, short videos or content you could make. If you have a production team with you, whether you create 20 videos or a single video is entirely up to you. So, be smart, be alert and make the most of the experience.

In a professional marketing video production, every member of the video crew has a role. But do you require all of them? While eliminating crew reduces cost, you also lose a skillset. Be smart in choosing the right team.

Actual filming of your video is half the work. The magic, as they say, happens in post-production. Use a team with proven track record of excellence in editing, animation and post-production work and you will end up saving thousands and create a great video.