Video editing apps are widely varied. You have simple social media apps designed to do a few things masterfully and a couple that let you edit with tons of features. 

Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro are two software programs that have captured the marketplace in a big way.

Professional video editors usually choose Adobe Premiere whereas DIY producers like the user friendliness of Final Cut. A video production company will usually have both allowing them the freedom to use the software based on the type of video.

But let’s examine both a little bit closer.

Color Correction

Final Cut is good for beginners. It has all the features needed to complete your video. But it does lack what Adobe offers in premium features. For example, the color correction possibilities on Adobe Premiere are far more robust than any other video editing software in the entire market today. This feature allows you to make detailed visual edits that have a major impact on the final outcome of your video. 


Each edit you make in the raw video file requires time to be converted. This is known as the rendering time. Final Cut is much faster than Adobe Premiere is, in terms of rendering speed. 

Mac or PC

The Final Cut Pro works only on Apple computers and devices whereas Adobe Premiere works on both Mac and PC. So, if you’re already a PC user, you have no choice but to use Adobe Premiere. 


If you want multiple people to edit a video, then Adobe has a great feature allowing you to do so within its network. Final Cut Pro can only be installed in one space at a time and does not allow for remote collaboration on videos. Of course, there are third-party software programs that you may install to overcome this drawback, but it is just one additional task to complete when Adobe offers collaboration directly in its program. 


Adobe Premiere comes with a monthly fee attached to it. The final price depends on the features you get. Final Cut Pro is a one-time only purchase. 


If you are trying to produce a corporate video, marketing video, short film or music video, then Final Cut Pro is an ideal choice for you. But if you want to collaborate and really delve deep into some rich editing features, you may want to consider installing Adobe Premiere.