There are 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute. 

That’s a lot of content, which means every video uploader is fighting against others vying for the audience’s attention. 

So, you’ll hire an experienced and mature video production company near you for your marketing video and it will stand out, correct? Yes! Partly. 

Making an engaging, audience-focused video using a professional video crew will set you apart from the crowd, for sure. 

But marketing and promoting that video is equally important when it comes to grabbing social media eyeballs. 

One of the best ways to ensure your video is seen by many more than your competitors is by using SEO or search engine optimization. This helps Google’s algorithm recognize your video faster and index it higher on their search results. 

And one of the best things that will give you a higher ranking is a transcription of your video. Google and YouTube consistently rank videos with transcriptions higher than those without one.  This means that having your video professionally transcribed will assist in getting you more views, immediately. 

When uploading to YouTube, you will notice an option to transcribe automatically; resist the urge to press this button. This feature is not yet ideal to use because it is still buggy. You will notice discrepancies between what is actually being said and what is on the automatic YouTube transcript. 

You can ask the post-production team of your video production company if they will help you transcribe your video. The process is pretty simple. Once you upload the video to YouTube, you are able to sync the audio and video components for a complete experience. 

You may also want to include an unabridged version of the transcript file on a separate section of your website. This way, in case your video has been edited, you will be able to give greater access to all the information available as a bonus. 

Why Transcripts Help in Post-Production

In addition to the marketing aspect, if you are in the process of editing a focus group video, documentary, corporate video, branding video or even a film, a transcript of all the footage helps the editor know where to make the right transitions. 

By having that piece of paper with all the details, your post-production process will become smoother and also much shorter!

Transcripts Help with Accessibility and Captions

Another bonus of transcribing videos is that you’ll be able to embed them on your website, Facebook and Instagram accounts with captions. Videos are often watched on cellphones. This means users may or may not want to listen to the video, but they will definitely watch the captions. 

Transcripts for videos are definitely worthwhile. They serve multiple purposes and end up increasing the reach of your videos online.