3 Best Kept Secrets for Shooting Video for Marketing in China

Video production has the power to transform your potential lead into a customer in China. Today’s growing visual economy is at its peak. Great video production equals great results. When it comes to shooting video for marketing in China, Snippies has you covered. We have curated a group of video production teams to meet any […]

4 Ways to tell Compelling Video Brand Stories

Great stories are inherently viral. If you look at the last video that you shared through your phone, chances are it told a great story. Go ahead, check.  Stories are a rich, natural and effective form of communication. Great stories have the power to make us laugh, cry, get excited, surprised and feel a genuine emotional […]

Puppy Monday

Puppies make everything better, even Mondays. Happy‪#‎NationalPuppyDay !  ‪#‎Snippies ‪#‎NYC ‪#‎PuppyDay

Drone Days

A drone, a jib and a special appearance from our Snippies crew. It’s another great shoot day in Staten Island!