So you’re looking for a video production company to create your next project. That’s great! But did you know there are different types of production companies to choose from? Choosing the right one is of utmost importance because the wrong one can turn your great idea into a dud. And the right one can exceed your expectations. 

Feature Film Production Companies

There’s a lot of money to be made in feature films. Along with making a film comes the need of hiring on-screen and off-screen talent, writers, musicians, location scouts, a team for pre-production, post-production, legal and a lot more. A lot of film production companies are located in either Los Angeles or New York. If you are a first time investor, director, or even screenwriter, then teaming up with a film production company who has previously released feature films is your ideal partner. 

Commercial Production Companies

A video production company focused on commercial work is usually equipped to create a wide variety of videos. They can produce stock footage, short corporate videos, training videos, and even creative projects like music videos and short films. To identify the right commercial production company, have a look at their past work and see if your existing project matches with their portfolio. 

Post Production Companies

For the most part, video editing, special effects, color correction, sound mixing and editing are the most magical parts of post production filmmaking. All editing happens in tiny rooms where masterful post-production wizards piece together raw footage to create a beautiful final video. If you have a lot of video footage but no clue how to turn it into a great video, you should approach post-production companies that are specialized in editing.

Animation and SFX Companies

Green screen, animation, and special effects are all unique ways to present your ideas. A well-made animation can elevate your brand to the next level. Several animation companies use only computer software and music to create compelling videos. 

Niche Production Companies

A niche production company usually has one thing that it’s really good at. It may be that they make excellent music videos or are amazing at TV commercials. Snippies is a niche production company based in New York City. Our specialty is the ability to reach a wide range of demographics from around the world. We also specialize in getting these insights via man-on-the-street interviews and in-home interviews. Niche production companies can combine the best of animation, commercial and post-production companies.