When it comes to the Internet, videos are the most consumed form of media. So, if you are trying to increase your brand awareness, a great marketing video may be the best way to reach your audience.

Today, if you care about getting the maximum views on your video content, then your best bet is to optimize for SEO.

Transcripts Optimize Your Video for SEO

Popular podcasts and videos that utilized transcripts saw an increase in their search engine results. Even if you have an excellent branding video, but are missing out on transcripts, your audience may miss key components of your video. 

Transcripts make Videos Easy for Consumption

Sometimes, if your audience is searching for a solution to a problem, they may not scrub through an entire video to find the answer. So, if you have a handy transcript based on your website with the same content, they will connect that much faster with your solutions.

Use Transcripts from Captions

A lot of content today gets consumed on mobile phones during travel. By enabling transcripts, you can accurately caption your video. Your audience will be able to receive the message even if they are unable to hear the audio in a loud area. Transcripts make it easy for the audience to read your content while viewing your video. 

Snippies Video Transcription Services

Snippies is a full service video production company based in New York City. Our video crew spans the globe, allowing us to produce, edit and deliver marketing video content at blazing speed. Film and television professionals head our post-production team and professionally transcribe your videos into text. Use it as captioning, description on your YouTube channel or as a way to archive your visual content in a text format and improve your SEO. 

Contact a Snippies video production team member now for details.