If you go through fashion, home and living magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Food & Wine or similar, you’ll get a taste of what great prop styling looks like. 

A prop stylist collaborates with a producer and director to come up with vivid, striking, indulgently beautiful ways to display the props in a video. 

A prop stylist is someone who adds a mood to every photograph or video shot. They breathe life into inanimate objects and give character to every frame. An excellent prop stylist will turn a dead room into a work of art and something worth looking at! 

Prop Stylist for Video Production

Magazines and still photographers use prop stylists all the time. But today, if you’re creating a video production that you want to be shared by millions, chances are you need a prop stylist. 

You don’t necessarily have to be selling a product in order for you to need a prop stylist. Even if your video is a single person speaking directly to camera, you will need to decorate the room that person is in to engage the interest of the audience. 

Great films and documentaries do this all the time. At any given point during a video, the elements of light, depth of perception, contrast, scale, texture, and composition are focusing the attention of the viewer.  A prop stylist for your video is cognizant of each of these elements and provides you with several unique and outstanding shots for your video. 

The world looks different from a lens and with the help of a prop stylist you have the opportunity to frame this worldview to your liking. 

Hiring a Video Prop Stylist

Experienced video production companies will already have an available list of prop stylists who may work on your brand. Their roster of creative individuals will include those who have worked on projects similar to yours. 

If you’re unsure of the type of stylist you need, a quick glance through prop stylist credits in your favorite magazines is also a good way to track one down. 

So if you’ve never used one before, remember to make your next video with some style.  Hire a prop stylist!