So you’re shooting inside a factory! How exciting and . . . OH WAIT, WATCH YOUR head!  

Factories have a lot happening inside them all at once, making them ideal places for filming. But factories also have way too much going on at once, making them a challenge to shoot inside. 

Fear not! Follow these considerations before embarking on your next food, automobile or any kind of factory shoot. 

The list of challenges you’ll face when shooting inside of factories may include some or all of the following:

Gear Up to Shoot Inside of a Factory

Before anything else, gear up to enter the factory. You may need to have steel toe shoes, hard hats and protective eyewear to move about safely within the complex.  

So, once you are safe, make sure you have enough protection for your camera, microphone and any other equipment for the production.

Planning Ahead of your Factory Video

A good production starts with a great scouting expedition. Go in a few days before the actual shoot to map out the location. Take this time to jot down the process flow of the factory.

A factory is big, making some places are hard to reach. Plan to use tripods, cranes, tracks or MacGyver-style innovative methods to secure the camera in a way to capture interesting shots. 

Be friendly with the people within the factory. They are not used to cameras recording their movements. Allow them to go through their processes naturally and be very specific about what actions—if any—you want them to take for your shots. 

If there is a part of the factory process that happens rarely or maybe you just have one shot to get it, make sure you grab that footage with multiple cameras. 

Use the natural light within the factory creatively so that your own light source meshes well with it. 

Keeping safety in mind, enjoy your video production at the factory!