Evergreen video content gives you consistent, dependable value, which is a wonderful thing whether you’re looking to either monetize your video content or acquire a new audience for your brand. Evergreen content, such as the suggestions below, can be made at anytime and is always relevant!

If you watch a cartoon that you grew up watching, chances are, you’ll still connect with it. Animated videos are made in their own universe – they don’t follow any limitations of the real world. Having an animated video for your brand will hit differently each time depending on your audience, but it will also deliver a specific message at any given time.

How-To Videos
Instructional videos or do it yourself videos are always relevant. Think of all the uses of your product or service and create a funny “how-to” video to impress your audience.

Pointer a.k.a. Trailer Videos
Sometimes a video is not a video, but a pointer. You can produce a short video, like a trailer, to encourage people to download a white paper from your website. A pointer video is a way to market another piece of marketing. If your brand is going to be present at a popular trade show, you could create a teaser reel to land more customers at your booth!

Behind the Scenes
Everyone wants to know how things get made, especially if they loved the final product. Next time you have the budget to hire a video production company near you, ask them to add an additional videographer to the crew to take “behind the scenes” footage. These videos act as great morale boosters for employees – especially if they happen to be bloopers!

Bigger Picture
If your company has a set of ethos that it builds its entire products & services on, you can address it through a philosophy video. Share your worldview and connect on a deeper level with your audience.

Grab video testimonials of customers talking about how great your product, service, or you are! This will always be relevant, as long as you’re in business! Testimonial videos have a proven track record of increasing sales.

Fresh like the morning mist, an evergreen video helps you stay relevant longer!

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