A respectable video production company will let you know the truth about fad videos. You may actually want to try them out. 

There is nothing wrong with doing an ice bucket challenge or no hands challenge. But it completely depends on your personality and brand. 

What is a Fad Video?

Video content is king. 

Whether they’re educational or entertaining, you and your customers love watching good videos. 

A fad video is one that starts trending because thousands of people begin participating in them. These are typically viral videos like the Kiki Challenge – which ended up causing some news because of people getting involved in accidents. 

Others are quite harmless, like the 7-second-challenge in which people complete tasks in exactly 7 seconds. 

Some are silly – like the No Hands challenge where a person voices all tasks performed using someone else’s hands! 

Fad videos are usually funny, interesting or shocking – all qualities associated with high view rates. And the numbers of views are exactly what each video uploader is after. 

Should You Participate in Fad Videos?

There is a difference between a fad and a trend. 

A trend in video production is either a style choice or an innovation in equipment or a combination of the two. Trends will outlast fads and may become part of common video practices in the future. 

Fads, however, usually follow a wave pattern where they could peak enough to break the Internet but fizz out just as quickly. 

Are you a Fad Brand?

There are certain brands that are known for being aligned with the news and their users count on them to be up to the minute with their content. If you are an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) company or producing fashion, then a fad video may be in your best interest. 

You may even participate in fad videos on a personal level. But if you are looking increase your brand value, then it may be better if you sit out on fad videos altogether. 

Hire a Video Production Company Near You

A professional video crew is able to sniff out a fad from a trend. If you are unsure whether a fad video is the right move for you, consult with your friendly neighborhood New York City video production company.