Food matters on all video production sets!

There are many articles that elaborate on how to light a video production set or how to choose the right video production company in your local area. But there are many aspects that go into making a great video – and a well-fed video crew is definitely one of the most important.

Keeping your video crew nourished during production is essential for several reasons. Mainly, it keeps them energetic throughout the day and gives them the fuel required to carry out all their tasks. Also, good food can simply have a positive effect on your video crew’s mood. 

How to Manage Food for your Video Crew

When it comes to food, you need to pay attention to 5 things: 

If you would rather not spend time thinking about selecting menu items for the team, then consider hiring a professional craft services vendor. If that is out of your budget, then assigning an intern or a production assistant to visit the local grocery shop will make your crew happy; they should aim to provide an assortment of healthy snacks, sugary indulgences, plenty of beverages and enough tea and coffee to keep the video crew buzzing with happiness. 

It’s just food. What’s the worst that can happen? 

A shoot can last a long time, so it’s important to ensure that you have a good menu and a plentiful one. You don’t want the director and lighting person to be fighting over the last bagel on set! That creates unnecessary friction and another thing that could ruin your production.

Having bad food can result in sickness or hospitalization. Having bad-tasting food may have a negative effect on the mood on your set. 

Good food makes for happy people. And, as you already know, happy people produce the best quality videos! So keep your video crew well fed!