Today, all content has the potential of going viral worldwide.

Your local brand could be the next big thing on a global scale. And if you are already established in new markets, it makes sense to deliver content with a global feel.

Social media networks ensure that video content gets the highest reach on their individual platforms. But being locally relevant is very important.

A wrong note, slip of the tongue or misspelling could trigger a big mistake for your brand. This is exactly why more content providers are getting local buy-ins through video marketing.

Global Brands, Local Relevance

In order to succeed in emerging economies around the world, it is essential, now more than ever, to get an understanding of the local market in which you want to thrive.

There is a reason that McDonald’s, Starbucks, and so many major world brands conduct thorough research before entering their new markets.

Local buying trends, tastes and social habits are all relevant when trying to enter the global marketplace.

How exactly can you achieve a global feel to your content?

Something as simple as using a localized language or even a local accent is enough to capture the buy-in from your new audience.

A man-on-the-street-interview video will have a much higher conversion rate than a statistic about global trends. All data can be questioned, but human interaction has great buy-in value.

When AirBNB first entered India, they used a combination of event coverage videos and explainer videos with an Indian English accent to captivate the local market.

They captured the intrigue, local insights using actual travelers and hosts to bring a foreign concept into a new land.

If you are considering launching a brand with a global audience, it is absolutely essential to consider giving your content a global feel.