Maximize your Events Video Coverage

Events are a great way to meet your customers, close deals with prospective clients and grab a lot of excellent video content.

A great event video, if produced well by a professional video crew, can mean enough content for your marketing and social media team to use for months!

All you require is some pre-production planning and a lot of post-production magic.

Customer Testimonial Videos

While at an event, if you are an exhibitor, make sure you set up a video camera at your booth. Use this time to greet your best customers and ask them to share their video testimonials with you, on screen.

You can also walk the tradeshow and nearby areas to produce man-on-the-street videos. These will come in handy for a variety of purposes; both for future pitches and also to add authenticity and a fresh look to video presentations.

Thought Leader Videos

If any member of your organization is going to speak at the event, get access beforehand to shoot video of that moment.

A thought leader video is one where a person from your organization or team is providing innovative and genuine information about a specific topic. This kind of video can be used on your website, social media pages and in presentations to convert prospects into clients.

While you can grab a lot of B-roll or extra video footage to make a stylish event coverage video, a thought leader video can be produced like your very own TED talk.

Events are a goldmine to grab compelling video footage – using a professional video production team will help in getting the most out of your event presence.

Customer testimonial videos and thought leadership videos increase your brand value, assist you in acquiring new sales and give you plenty of real insights from customers.