The prevalence of social media videos on Instagram Stories, TikTok and Snapchat has significantly reduced the average audience’s attention span. 

Today, if you want to make your point you need to do it fast and with a punch. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need something fancy. In fact, the focus of your video needs to be on creating an emotional connection between the viewer and your brand. 

Combine great visuals, customer testimonials, man on the street interviews, built-in captions, smooth transitions and excellent graphics to create a powerful brand video. Your marketing video will mostly be used for a social media ad, so keep in mind that you need to hook in the audience in the first 3 seconds or less. 

Every social media network varies based on the audience’s age and profession. But if you focus on serving the lowest common denominator, you’ll hone in on the right approach. On average, most of the audience will stop watching sponsored ad content after 3-5 seconds. And those who are not in your direct target audience will simply scroll by without even glancing at your efforts.

So how do you make the audience stop and take notice?

Here are 5 tips on making a great marketing video:

Follow the above tips to create a perfect marketing video and if you need help Snippies is always standing by waiting to jump in!