The ideal length of your YouTube Videos

You would think that short, bite-sized snippets of videos would be perfect for consumption on YouTube today. And you’d be right… almost.

Here are the latest YouTube video stats:

How long should your video be?

An unverified account on YouTube is not able to upload more than 15 minutes of video to begin with. If you have content that you would like to showcase that goes beyond this length, then you will have to verify your account.

But more than the length, it’s the content of your video that you need to focus on. If you are a marketing person looking for branded video or corporate video, then you need to get in touch with a video production company to ensure your content is socially viral!

But if you are making a video just for yourself, then a video production company is not needed. Consider a small video crew to ensure all aspects of your video are suitable for consumption.

When making a YouTube video, here are what the most viewed videos had in common:

  1. Captivating intro – People on social media don’t have patience. Grab their attention in the first few seconds of your video.
  2. Excellent sound – Half the magic of a video is the sound, if you’re speaking and your audience is unable to hear you, then you’ve failed them! Make sure you use excellent production quality microphones.
  3. Fun animation – Adding animation, even if simple, can impact your videos in a major way.

Happy YouTubing!