And why it’s important

Your bandwidth determines how fast you can work. 

Every business today that wants to scale needs infrastructure designed for growth. 

Your business does not need to be ecommerce based for you to need good Internet bandwidth. All businesses today require faster communication to keep up with the pace of digital innovation.

What is it? Internet bandwidth is the speed at which you are able to download and upload content online. 

Some businesses, like video production houses, cannot afford low-bandwidth if they want to thrive in the marketplace. For a professional video production company working with multiple team members – the higher the Internet bandwidth the better. 

Snippies is a video production company based in New York City with offices in every major city around the world. Snippies is known for its unbeatable speed, professional productions and exceptional interviews. 

The only way we are able to deliver high quality videos to our Fortune 50 clients is by investing in greater Internet bandwidth speeds. 

Today, we will be filming in 5 different cities around the globe, and while we could wait on delivery of actual tapes, we would much rather download the data in a few minutes and deliver the final edited video to the client. 

So, just how much speed should you have? Well, in the year 2017, in the United States, the average Internet connection speed clocked in just shy of 19 mbps (megabits per second). 

A video production company has heavy bandwidth usage. And if you have more than 10-15 people working in your office at any given time, speed is your top priority. For a mid-sized production house in 2020, you should consider having speeds of at least 250 mbps. This speed allows you to conduct cloud computing data transfer of large video files (think of all that HD and 4K footage you used). This speed also allows for video streaming, which you can share with clients to preview the footage before final delivery. At 250 mbps you are ensuring basic usage of the Internet as well as accounting for larger digital activities, including data backups and conferencing. 

But you can always scale higher if the number of users or uploads and downloads increase. 

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