Oprah. Ellen. Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Kimmel. Conan O’Brien. David Letterman.

Jay Leno. Ryan Seacrest. 

Great talk show hosts may all seem to be different from each other, but the truth is, they all share some unique characteristics that you can use to become a great talk show host. 

Corporate videos—and sometimes even brand videos—require an on-screen spokesperson, an engaging personality to drive the matter of the video. 

Annual stockholder presentations or even corporate introduction videos may require you to take on the duties of being a talk show host, so here are some quick tips to polish your on-camera presence:

1. Be Yourself 

Oprah never tried to be Ellen. David Letterman marked himself as the anti-Jay Leno in several ways. The only way your audience will recognize you as a figure of authority is if you stand your ground. If the audience gets to know the real you, you will earn their trust.

2. Look Good

Hair, makeup and clothes all matter when you are trying to make a good impression as a television host. If you look at male hosts of any television program, you’ll note they are dressed professionally. Comedy hosts, for example, are there to tell jokes or be silly, but their clothes are always clean-cut and almost uniform. For female hosts, there is more room for originality. Ellen, for example, is known for wearing khaki pants and sweaters. Oprah’s dressing sense is more elegant but very signature. If you plan on hosting a television show or corporate video on an ongoing basis, you may consider developing a unique dressing sense which helps build your credibility with the audience. 

3. Be Well-Spoken

As a host, your job is to articulate. Sometimes the content of your words cannot be as simple as narrating a video. You need to deliver insight, humor or relevant opinion on a topic for your voice to matter. 

4. Research

All great television production starts with pre-production. As an on-camera host, you should be well-versed in the subject you’re talking about. Conduct thorough research before getting on camera to speak. 

Hosts are unique, well-dressed and articulate. They command attention through their ability to deliver worthwhile content in an understandable and approachable way. 

Keep the above tips in mind before the next time you hear the phrase “Lights. Camera. Action!”