So you’re thinking of quitting your job and make money earning money from your videos. 

Fair enough. A lot of people are doing it.

Today, many well-renowned musicians such as Lana Del Rey, Justin Bieber, and tv personalities such as Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street and Lilly Singh started out as successful hosts of their own web series. While others have not made the jump from YouTube to official TV shows, they are still raking in millions of viewers for all their content.

Because there are thousands of people around the world vying for attention span, it makes sense to figure out a game plan to monetize your videos. 

1. Pick your specialty – In the beginning, don’t worry if your video will reach millions. Focus on your style of video. Are you a comedian? Street magician? Is your specialty stopping random people on the street and asking them outrageous questions? What do you think you can contribute to the already expanding library of videos that exist on the Internet?

2. Capitalize on trends – All late night television hosts have one thing in common. They talk about the news in a funny way. But their jokes are never the same. If you’re making a video based on the Internet, and especially if you want to launch a brand video online, you should pay close attention to trends. ASMR videos are those that highlight and focus on sounds – delivering a soothing effect to the audience. Many chocolate, candy and fast food brands picked up on this trend and started curating videos featuring ASMR sounds using their products. 

3. Optimize the Keywords – A great way to optimize your video over others is through simple keyword marketing. Write specific titles, descriptions and tags associated with your video to help it reach the right audience. 

4. Find other platforms – While YouTube has the major share of viewers; there are other ways to monetize your video content. Try uploading a video podcast to iTunes, creating a channel on Vimeo, or even placing content on your own blog or website. Then drive the audience using social media and monetize via third-party websites like Venmo, Paypal, Patreon, and similar. 

Create great video content and begin monetizing today!