Providing original, compelling video content is one of the fastest ways to make money online.

If you have great videos, thousands of viewers and excellent new ideas, you can quickly climb the Internet Hall of Fame.

But, just how do you monetize your online video? To truly decide monetization, you need to first find a focus for your videos.

What kinds of videos get the most monetization?

Today, in no particular order, the most popular videos online fall into one of the following categories:

Once you’ve decided on the type of content you’re going to produce, think about where you will upload them.

YouTube for Video Monetization

YouTube is by far the most viewed video platform in the world today. By posting on YouTube, you have the potential to reach billions of viewers worldwide. Because so many users are trying to get Internet famous, YouTube has multiple ways you can earn money.

1. Advertising Revenue: Get money from display, overlay, and video ads played during your video.

2. Channel Memberships: Charge members a monthly fee to view your content.

3. Merchandise Shelf: Your fans can buy branded merchandise from your watch pages.

Vimeo for Video Monetization

Vimeo is another video platform that allows you to have your own channel. Here, you can simply charge a fee for users to access your videos, because there are no ads!

An excellent space for B2B content development and growth, Vimeo has several specialized plans built in for you to market your content once it has been uploaded.

Independent Video for Monetization

If you don’t want to use any leading video based platforms to earn money, you can try it on your own. Simply setup a Patreon or PayPal link with a suggested payment for your content. Here, your users will pay you if they love your videos.

Video is the most consumed content on the Internet today, isn’t it time you started to monetize on it?