Increase the Wow Factor of your Marketing Videos

If you’ve made a marketing video recently, you already know that it impacts your bottom line in a positive way. 

Based on a recent Facebook study, using marketing videos on social media increases sales by more than 60%. 

Using excellent quality video stock footage has the potential to substantially improve your video.

Stock video footage is created by production companies and sold to single websites where you may purchase it at lower rates. The high quality footage is often generic, but if used properly by your video production team it can improve the overall feel of your video.

Documentary or Historic Stock Video Footage

Recently, Lord of the Rings film director Peter Jackson released a film consisting primarily of stock footage. He took old original black and white World War I footage and made it look as though it was shot on modern cameras. The result was extremely poignant and well-received by historians, audiences and veterans alike. 

If you are based in San Francisco and need an aerial shot of the Brooklyn Bridge you could hire a production company in New York City, or use stock footage of landmarks available online.

Should I use Stock Footage in my Video?

This checklist below will guide you on when it’s valid to use generic B-roll footage.

How well received stock footage is depends on what footage you’re using and how talented your post-production team is. 

Using video stock footage can add a touch of authenticity or a cinematic feel but, in some cases, it can also make your video look cheap. Be smart about how you use stock video.