How long should your Facebook videos be?

You would think that Facebook videos should be short in length…and you’d definitely be right.

But what is the ideal length of your Facebook video that will get you maximum engagement for your brand?

The Basics of Social Media Marketing Video Production

Social media is filled with video content. You’ve probably seen a few videos today, already. If you pay close attention to the trends of Facebook videos, you’ll note that while you can upload up to 20 minutes of content, the videos you have mostly viewed are anywhere between 60 to 90 seconds in length.

But, with Facebook Watch coming into play, brands are now producing long form content. This feature even has videos up to 20 minutes in length, featuring post production and excellent video editing.

Video Editing

Remember, your audience will spend time with your video if you have something worthwhile to show them.

A man-on-street video where you interview strangers on the street has always been an engaging format for brands. To spice it up, add captions with colorful backgrounds, interesting music and even a bit of animation, to turn your ordinary man on street video into a viral sensation.

All of this is only possible with a video crew that has an excellent know-how of post production. Hollywood and ad agencies have always known the magic of video editing, now you can use those tricks of post-production to make a compelling video for Facebook.

So how long should your Facebook video be?

If your goal is to make a social media marketing video production, then focus on the storytelling aspect as much as you do on the length. A 60 to 90 second video is the perfect length to engage your audience.