Integrating Statistics Slides and Motion Graphics into Your Videos

If you are involved with marketing or sales, you already know the thorough power of numbers to convert decision-makers.

Leveraging video to promote and grow your business is definitely a great idea.

But these sales and marketing videos need to address complex issues, in a short amount of time.

Using a combination of man-on-street interviews, stunning B-roll footage and excellent music is step 1 to video marketing success.

But today’s decision makers also need to be convinced through statistics and motion graphics.

Inserting PowerPoint Slides into Videos

Decisions are made by a combination of head and heart.

A visually powerful story is the aspect of your video that will resonate with the boardroom’s impulse.

But it is simple things like PowerPoint slides consisting of data points that will drive their logical minds to also agree with your idea.

Using Motion Graphics in Video Marketing

Motion graphics are animated videos used to convey a detailed idea into an interesting visual.

These diverse and sophisticated motion graphics offer a solution that regular video production or the laws of physics won’t allow.

They allow you to creatively showcase your ideas and leave a lasting impact on the minds of consumers and buyers.

A Quick Cheat to Using PowerPoint and Motion Graphics

You may already be using multiple types of video for your marketing. So, when is it the right time for you to use videos with motion graphics and PowerPoint slides containing stats?

In our experience, if you are trying to accomplish any of the following a combination of statistics and motion graphics is the best way forward:

Combining the power of numbers and the branding of visuals is one of the easiest ways to create a winning marketing video.