So you’re going to be interviewed! Congratulations. You must have done something right to get this far.

If you watch any award-winning documentaries, news, late night talk shows and sports shows, you’ll know what it takes to make a compelling interview.

You will need to acclimate yourself with the production process.

A great interview has the potential to launch you into great success. Even a single clip of an insight today can travel to millions of people. No pressure!

Do these things before your video interview and you’ll be fine.

  1. Be Yourself. When the lights, camera and video production crew surround you along with your interviewer, it is easy to lose focus. Take a few deep breaths and answer the questions in a natural way.
  2. Pre-Planned Questions. If possible, get the questions to the interview sent to you earlier. This way, you can jot down key points to help you answer the questions in a natural manner when they’re presented.
  3. Be Aware of the Lighting. A good video production crew will ensure there is plenty of soft lighting to make sure you look good. Request a monitor or a quick playback to ensure you’re satisfied with the way you look on screen.
  4. Avoid Tight Pattern Shirts. They may give off strange optical effects. You also want to stay away from all black or all white clothing. Wear neutral colors. Also carry an extra set of clothes just in case. A lot goes on during production and it always pays to be prepared.
  5. Use Makeup. Even if you don’t usually apply it, use makeup when you are being interviewed. A good video production crew will always have some translucent powder on hand for a quick touch up.

A video interview is a great way to get your message delivered to a large audience. Follow these tips and you’re sure to be invited back for more!