Do you really need to shoot with professional video cameras, or is your iPhone good enough?

The iPhone has changed photography and video quality forever. If you look at the features of the newest version of the iPhone Xs, many of them are comparable to DSLR cameras.

Even older iPhones such as the iPhone 6s feature great cameras that have the capacity to produce high-resolution photos and videos.

So, that begs the question do you really need a professional DSLR camera to shoot videos?

The answer is quite easy: for personal use, today, the iPhone gives you exactly what you require without a hassle. An iPhone is easy to carry in your pocket; it can be fired up quickly for a shot and produces photos good enough to be plastered on billboards.

But, if you are shooting video for marketing video production, then you require a DSLR. The DSLR has much more control than an iPhone, if you love to change filters, lenses, adjust the F-stop and rearrange lighting, then a DSLR will be better for your needs.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos require a certain level of refined post-production value that usually can only be produced using high-end professional cameras. Even if the initial video crew decides to shoot on an iPhone initially, a sophisticated post-production treatment will have to be applied for it to be used as a corporate video production.

Video Crews

Just like a racecar requires a trained driver to make it run smoothly, a camera or an iPhone requires an expert video crew. A marketing video production with the intent of producing brand videos needs the expert touches of a trained team of professionals to produce greater quality videos.

So, when it comes between an iPhone and professional video cameras, what you need to focus on is the purpose of your shoot.