Man-on-street interviews or in-home sit-down interviews?

Choosing your demographic when creating a video is extremely important. A part of Snippies’ job is to conduct man-on-street interviews, but sometimes these sessions can take place inside of homes, with real-life families. 

Both in-home interviews and man-on-street videos provide much needed authenticity to facts and figures for your presentation.

But, you really need to hone in on two demographics when deciding which the right fit is for you.

Know Your Target Audience + Your Brand’s Target Audience

We often have business development managers, chief marketing officers and other C-level individuals approach us for videos that require a global or national presence. They want interviews conducted in multiple cities, for a certain demographic, on-street and in-homes both. 

But before we go ahead with the production, we always ask, “what is this video going to be used for?”

The video needs to cater to the audience – which may not always be the end consumer. 

Who is your Buying Audience?

The second question you need to ask yourself before hiring a video production company near you for on-street interviews is who your audience is. 

The more specific you are with your niche buying audience, the better quality video you will get. Also, this is the aspect that will determine whether you need an in-home or in-office interview vs. if you require a man-on-street video.

So, for example, if your presentation is to stakeholders of an FMCG product, you may want to reach deep into the impact your product or service is having on families in Asia, the Middle East or India. For this purpose, grabbing an in-home video interview would fare well. 

If you are working for a fast food restaurant that wants to roll out a new item on their menu, a good option would be to interview customers when they’re visiting their local outlets.

If you just want general opinions on a certain demographic which may easily be found in urban and suburban areas, you’re better off heading off to public spaces and grabbing man-on-street interviews.

So, before you call Snippies for your video production needs, be sure you know who your audience is going to be.