Whiteboard animation videos are always compelling.  Even if you will never buy the product or a service, you’ll still be tempted to watch whiteboard videos for their unique setup. 

A whiteboard animation is usually an “explainer” video where you see only a hand with a marker making all kinds of fun drawings. When it first came out, it was different, easy to follow and helped make a convincing elevator pitch. 

Since then, however, several companies–big and small–have launched their own whiteboard animation videos to varying degrees of success. 

When discussing fads or trends, we think a whiteboard video is closer to an evolved trend. There will be innovation on this front in the future and there is always something you can do to make yours stand out from the crowd. 

So, How Can I Make A Whiteboard Video?

There are two ways to do a whiteboard animation:

  1. By hand
  2. Using software

Kids nowadays have it easy. Back when we were . . . a few years younger than now . . . we had to hand-draw every whiteboard video we made. Oh the marker stains, the destroyed white t-shirts, the unspeakable blooper reels of bad drawings! 

Today there are plenty of ready-to-use whiteboard video software programs that make your job easier. These programs feature drawings, animations and everything you need to create a decent-looking whiteboard video.

But the moment you sit down with the software, you’ll realize that the task on hand is much more difficult than you thought.

Checklist to Make a Great Whiteboard Animation Video

1.  Write a Great Script 

The best whiteboard animation videos are short, sweet and memorable. They follow a logical sequence of steps, guiding the viewer from the problem to the solution, never forgetting to keep the audience entertained.  Emotional, humorous and dramatic elements are essential in creating a worthwhile video. Be sure to give your script a few drafts until it feels right.

2.  Software or Hand-drawn? 

Evaluate multiple software programs, ensuring that they’ll provide you with what you require. If you plan on doing no drawings or images of your own, be sure that your whiteboard animation software contains enough free-to-use images that will tell your particular story. 

If hiring a video crew to shoot the whiteboard animation, ask for examples of past work and be convinced that they’ll be able to get the job done right. 

3. Speak Clearly

While your animation will clearly illustrate the value add of your brand, your voiceover needs to be paced, enunciated and appealing. After all, it’s the second most important part of the video!

Once you’ve completed your whiteboard animation, upload it to your social media channels and let it reach the masses!