Your in-house video team is spectacular. They can come together and create videos on the fly when you need it the most. But they do have limits. 

Get to know your own video crew – see what they’re good at and learn where they require outside talents. This will help you in planning your future video production in a sensible way. 

Identify the Types of Videos You Require

Figure out your roster of videos and their frequency. Your videos will usually be for two sets of audiences – internal and external. Videos that you make will generally fall under these categories. 

The funny part is that all of the above may be performed by a professional video production company or managed by your own team. 

To find out who you should turn to to create these videos, consider these 3 factors:

1. Know Your Audience

At the end of the day, your video has to tell a compelling story and engage your audience. If your audience happens to be a few hundred internal team members, then chances are that your internal video team can manage the workload. But if your video will eventually be consumer facing – whether it’s through your website or YouTube channel, then it is better to have professional help.

2. Getting an Outsider’s Perspective and Skillset

If you’ve worked at a single company for very long – it pays to have an independent set of creative minds to create excellent videos. A professional video crew has worked on thousands of hours of footage for multiple brands, companies and individuals. Their sheer experience and ability to be objective about your company gives them a unique creative edge when it comes to making videos. 

3. Equipment & Effects

If you invest in your internal video production team, you’ve probably spent quite a bit on the equipment. Video production companies, however, have the latest equipment and are aware of the newest trends to make videos current. 

If you want your marketing video to have animation, special effects, and cinematic visuals it’s worth your time and efforts to visit a production house.