Video content is king today. Whether you look at social media or online streaming services, video is central to marketing.

Today, Latin America is the fourth largest ad market in the world. According to market research by eMarketer, the continent spent $28.3 billion on creating video content for television in 2018.

Latin American Customers Love Videos

More than 62% of South Americans say they would watch video content from their favorite brands over any other form of content. Latin Americans also have a higher recall value for video production over any other branded content.

Marketing Video Production

Customers respond to emotional pulls and nostalgia. If you are looking to produce high quality videos that connect to the local consumer in their native language, then your content needs to ring true to your customer.

At Snippies, we work with local South American video crews to create the most authentic marketing video productions for your brand.

Consumer Interviews

You may use videos to market to your audience and also to gauge your brand value through consumer insights.

While sales figures, competitor data and overall market research can give you quantitative data; a video testimonial from your demographic can lead to eye-opening consumer insights.

Consumers in different parts of South America vary from one another. Knowing the difference in language, culture and buying habits is essential to your brand’s value within the continent.

Snippies is a video production company in NYC but works with video crews around the world to achieve extraordinary results. Our video crews in South America are ready to be on the ground shooting your next marketing production or consumer insights video.

Latin American customers are known for being brand loyalists. Creating compelling branded video content is one of the most effective ways to connect with them.