When it comes to shooting video, Europe is your PAL. PAL-based that is. Even in the digital age of video production, the United States uses a system known as NTSC while Europeans and most other parts of the world shoot and view video on the PAL system.

The basic information is that PAL produces a higher quality visual image than NTSC.

When you’re shooting video in Europe, one of the main things you’ll need to do for American consumption is to convert the PAL into NTSC. Most professional production teams will have this facility.

Plan your Shoot in Europe

European landscape consists of some of the most beautiful architecture, countryside and natural beauty ever seen. If you are looking to shoot video in Europe or any country of the European Union, you better know exactly what you want.

  1. Conduct a pre-production meeting – Along with a professional video production team, create a list of the shots you absolutely require for your production.
  2. Budget your time – Some European countries may have very few hours of daylight depending on time of the year. Ensure that your video production team is aware of the local weather and seasonal patterns.
  3. Use a local video crew – Your entire crew should ideally be local. They’ll know exactly where to go for the best shots and easily find the right individuals if you plan on doing man-on-street interviews.

Europeans speak several languages and hold very different customs from one country to another. This is why a savvy local video crew will be of great use to you in Europe.

Things can get even more complicated if you plan on doing multi-city shoots because of the change in video production laws, native languages and so much more.

For video production in Europe, you should consider hiring an expert local video crew who is able to create corporate and marketing videos with style.