If you have the iPhone 11, you’ve already discovered how to take a small space and make it look big. Photos and videos taken with the extra depth and width lenses allow you to capture subjects in a way that can fit your screen. 

Shooting video in small spaces can be tricky – especially when you have equipment, crew, and on-camera talent present for the shoots. 

Use these tips to shoot video in small spaces to give your videos incredible depth.

Deep Space

A trick used by artists, videographers and photographers called Deep Space takes advantage of the fact there is no depth in a video. Whatever is being viewed is done so two dimensionally – or on a flat surface. By using a wide-angle lens, you can give the audience an illusion of greater depth. 

F Stops

F-stops are not a reference to the New York City subway line. A video production professional will know that using a higher F stop setting on the camera creates a depth of field leading the viewer to believe that a room is bigger than it really is.  


Video production is, after all, a game of light. Creating shadows using your lighting will add shapes and images that lend themselves to give greater depth.

Illusions of Colors  

The way you use color can also help make a small space look larger. Use dark backgrounds and dress your on screen talent in light clothing to increase depth of field. 


If the room you’re shooting in is super tiny, not even large enough to hold a camera with a tripod, you may consider setting up a mirror effect. Shoot the scene you want, through the mirror, increasing distance and giving the appearance of a large space.


Carry the bare minimum of equipment when shooting in tiny spaces. If possible, grab a smaller camera and tiny tripod.  Consider using lapel microphones instead of boom microphones for small room shoots – this will prevent the boom from entering your shot while capturing the audio required. 

Whether you’re recording in an office setting or a home, using the above tips will guarantee you the best output from your small space shoot.