Welcome to 2019

What is it that makes the prospect of a new year exciting? Maybe it’s the fact that each new calendar serves as a reminder that we’re all writing this story together. Like any good story there are challenges, disappointments and hardships, but every day is another chance to contribute: to rise to the occasion, to […]

2018 Holiday Greetings

Snippies is wishing everyone happy holidays! Have you thought about your video production needs for the new year? Give us a call so we can get planning.

Snippies Sunglasses in Capri

Snippies Sunglasses sure do get around! Here is Oliver, ready to shoot on-street interviews in Capri.Oliver’s future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear #Snippies shades. Snippies’ traveling sunglasses continues! Send us some photos of your photos with your exotic locations and tag #Snippies.

Snippies Holidays 2017

Happy Holidays from your friends at Snippies! Check out some of our top moments from 2017.

So Long, Setbacks

Setbacks are inevitable. Whether in your professional life or personal, there will be times where something stops you right in your tracks. Everything can seem perfect and you feel on top of the world one minute, then, suddenly the rug is swept right out from under your feet. You don’t get the promotion you thought […]

Online Dating: Uncut

As a video producer and interviewee in the Snippies Online Dating Horror Stories, I can tell you that there was much more to my story than what made final cut. So, here are the full gory details of one of my more noteworthy New York City dating escapades. At the peak of my online dating […]

No Signal. No Service. No Problem.

Nomophobia: fear of being phoneless. Anyone come to mind? I’m guilty as charged, working for a busy global video production company with clients in cities from Seattle to Shanghai and everywhere in between. We understand the need to be connected but it doesn’t mean you can’t take a quick time out. Technology tends to be […]

Bring Your Work to Kids Day

If you’re like myself, a mid-twenties office manager/executive assistant/go-to gal for literally whatever anyone needs, there’s not much than can throw me for a loop. For instance, I was once asked on the fly to play chess with a client that was waiting to meet with my boss. I’ve also managed to pull together a […]