In video production, details are always important. One major detail is the background. 

Your video background helps establish tonality, visual appeal and can help to define your on-screen personality. 

It can also make a video easy or difficult to watch. If you want your audience to be focused on the person talking on screen, then you need to opt for a neutral backdrop. If however, you want the audience to feel as if they’re a part of the story, you can break down any walls and boldly opt for a natural background. 

Choose Your Background Based on Your Goal

The evening news or late night television hosts opt for the same studio background each night. Their goal is to be the center of attention.  If there is too much happening behind or near them, you’ll lose focus and stop paying attention. On the other hand, a weather reporter out during a storm is more interested in capturing the natural activity and will place themselves in front of a dynamic background.

Indoor Background Choices

For indoor video production, you can choose from paper backgrounds or natural surroundings as your background.

A natural office, home or commercial background may add some interesting visual aspects. But, if there is too much happening, you will lose your audience’s attention.

If you have a talk show host video, then it makes sense to set up a minimalistic backdrop or set with the help of a set designer. 

You may even opt for a green screen or Chroma key background, which will allow you to project any type of background during editing. This process, known as composting, enables you to add special effects by giving the illusion of someone standing in a far away place, like the moon, when really they’re just there in your office. 

Backgrounds for Outdoor Shoots

When shooting outdoors, you may want to let the audience know where your video is by putting famous landmarks or clues to the location of your shot. And, if it’s a moving shot, then you must establish a clear path for the on-camera talent and the videographer to avoid any accidents. 

Choose your backgrounds carefully and you’ll have an excellent video on your hands. If you want help, call a video production company near you to help you pick one out. Lucky for you, we happen to be one of those companies located conveniently in New York City, with presence worldwide. Get in touch!