Once upon a time, you sat at your desk and read this blog post. You knew you loved this sentence, but where will this article go next? Will it enlighten you on your journey towards making excellent videos? Or will it wax poetic about the art of storytelling? Read on, that’s the only way to find out!

Audio, Visual & Kinetic

No two people are created the same. But all people learn information through seeing, hearing, or feeling and touching. A story evokes emotions that help audiences connect instantly with the message. 

A message of being kind to others can be boldly printed on a wall. Showing a video of a child selflessly sharing a piece of cake with someone in need turns the message into a story – one that will remain etched in the viewer’s mind for a while to come. 

A story does not have to be long, especially not in your marketing video – but it has to be the primary focus of your video. 

Scientifically speaking – a story is a great way to deliver factual information to a majority of your audience. Whether you’re trying to produce a corporate video or optimize your video content, you need to tell a good story!

How to Tell a Good Story

Telling a good story is not always easy. But a great story always has the same elements. Here are five aspects to incorporate into every corporate video or marketing video you make:

And just like that, you’ve learned how to master the art of storytelling for your next video.