In the good old days of video production, the terms A-roll footage and B-roll footage were used to describe the primary video and supplementary video footage.

In a video interview, the A-roll footage would be a shot of the person speaking on screen with the interviewer. This footage delivers the crux of the message. Any additional footage shown while the interview subject is speaking; in a voiceover, is called B-roll footage or B-roll.

Use Relevant B-roll Footage to Enhance your Video Content

If you’ve watched a documentary, the evening news or any good interview, you know that just watching people discuss topics can get a little . . . dull. If a person is describing the art of making a great slice of pizza, you don’t want to just listen to a person tell you. Seeing the ingredients being put together, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and the pizza pie entering the fiery brick oven converts good information into a great video.

Use B-roll Footage to Mask Inconsistencies in Your Video

A good video production and post-production team knows how to use B-roll to mask any inconsistencies of video. If you experienced lighting issues, erratic camera movement or similar mishaps during production, relevant B-roll video coverage may be used at these moments to ensure a smooth transition.

Working with a Video Production Company

If you want your video to have mass appeal, go viral and be seen repeatedly by viewers, it is absolutely necessary to capture excellent B-roll footage.

A video production crew with a seasoned team of editors, camera people and producers will always make sure that they capture plenty of great B-roll footage that can add to the appeal of your video.