Five ways to make better training videos

Training videos and good video content in general assists in increasing your placement on search engine rankings. 

Customers love a good training video. And that’s a good reason marketing teams should focus on making more of them.

Just like the perfect mac n’ cheese or the best cup of coffee in the morning, the secret to a good training video is in the details. Follow these to achieve great results for your brand. 

Be specific about your topic

“How to easily peel a pomegranate” is a great example of a perfect training video. The title itself tells you what the video will feature. And the video should follow. 

The more specific you are with your video topic, the easier it is for your consumer to find it. 

Sometimes brand managers and CMOs will try to cram their entire brand ethos into a single video. While you can sprinkle in details about your brand image through color, music and backgrounds – your training video should be easy to understand, crisp and absolutely surgical in its execution. 

Use storytelling 

Smokey the Bear knows that only you can prevent forest fires. You remember the videos as though they just happened yesterday. Despite living in a major city, you knew what not to do when you entered the forest – why? It was because of good storytelling and a deep emotional connection. Smokey the Bear was a memorable character whose kind appearance and gentle demeanor helped you absorb the core message from the U.S. Forest Service. 

Humor me

If you’ve boarded a British Airways flight recently, you’ll know that they’ve taken a lighthearted approach to the mandatory flight safety video. Using a team of celebrity comedians and actors, British Airways’ training video is equal parts hilarious and useful. 

Animation videos

Explainer videos using animation are helpful for illuminating new concepts. You can also try whiteboard animation videos or custom videos that showcase your brand’s unique selling points. 

Focused writing

An excellent training video will always have a polished script as its pillar. Write, rewrite, and revise your script. Include visual cues within the script itself so you’ll know exactly what kind of video footage you’ll require. 

Follow the above steps to create the perfect training video. Questions? Give us a call! 

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