Well-produced event video has tremendous benefits for your organization. An event documentary video gets the top-level view while mixing in interesting micro-level details.

Organizations today highlight a single event through a long video documentary or put together different videos to create a comprehensive event video.

Video documentaries are comprehensive event videos that benefit your company in multiple ways.

1. Customer Testimonial Videos

If you put on great events or were present for an event, a customer testimonial taken on the ground in the form of a man-on-the-street interview gives you great credibility.

2. Entertaining Content

No matter what your event actually is, an event coverage video shows the highlights in an entertaining, fun way. This is always preferred to boring presentations. An event video brings your brand and company to life!

3. Build Thought Leadership

Many events feature speakers delivering key messages. If you run a global enterprise and want to reach out to employees and customers alike, a video documentary is a powerful way to build thought leadership.

4. Brand Positioning

Is your brand fun? Is it serious? Is it worth talking about? Then show it. If you are present at multiple events in different parts of the world, create a global event video to showcase your brand’s personality.

5. Marketing Video

What is the single best way to win new business? Showcase your success! Today, whether you are marketing through presentations, digital marketing or one-on-one sales, a great video is one of the most effective sales strategies. A well produced, edited and mixed event video does wonders for your sales numbers.

Video documentaries that cover your entire event or series of events are great content for your organization. They may be used for marketing, sales and also as an excellent employee motivation tool.