Everybody loves cartoons.

Reading a story leads you to use your imagination, and watching a story adds emotional impact.  Animation offers the best of both worlds:  it checks all of the above and elevates the entire message to a new level.

From Saturday morning cartoons to the big screen, or your local streaming service, animated videos are a hit with the audience.

They have proven to wow in the boardroom and as a marketing tool as well.

Here are some ways to use animated videos effectively.

If you have ever on-boarded employees, clients, or had to explain technical jargon, you know that your audience is not always paying attention.

Animated videos can take boring subjects and make them much more interesting. By introducing characters, colors, music and humor, animated videos will have your audience paying attention for the very first time.

If you have an innovative, groundbreaking product, use an animated video to launch the product through a how-to video. An animated video allows you visual freedom and lets the imagination run wild. An audience who may not otherwise relate to a scenario will immediately connect themselves with animated videos. Post them on social media sites and video platforms like YouTube to build buzz.

If you need to shoot videos in multiple locations in a single day, you may hire Snippies to manage your production at a fraction of the cost. But, if you would like to limit video crews and global footprint, you may create your entire marketing video in the post-production suite. An animated video can have a global feel without requiring a shoot or production schedule. Animated videos are fun to watch, engage the audience, and are more cost effective. Start making one today! (www.staging1.snippies.com)