GoPros are versatile, light and fun cameras. Using them the right way can add exciting footage to your video production.

Under the Sea

One of the most thrilling aspects of GoPro cameras is that they can be used underwater. Whether you’re shooting a film that explores the local lake the coral reef or a backyard swimming pool, a GoPro is the way to go. A pro tip for shooting video underwater with a GoPro is to use the red or orange-colored filters to give a richer visual to your aquatic masterpiece.

POV Shots Galore

On a video production with multiple cameras, a GoPro acts as the POV hidden camera. Due to its lightweight and durable structure, it can be mounted anywhere. You can place it to grab POV shots of activities on set or attach it to a moving object, even a fast-moving car, to capture thrilling footage. 

Helmet or Face Mount

You can put GoPro cameras on a helmet – any helmet. So if you want to grab POV footage of skydiving, bicycling, motorcycles or deep cave diving, you can easily get beautiful shots that will wow the audience. 

But in case you don’t have a mount and you decide to film something on the spot, you can get a steady video shot by placing the GoPro on your face. 

Bicyclists and skiers have found that placing the GoPro on the chest is also an option and provides unique shots.

What Lighting to Use When Filming with a GoPro Camera

Video production is all about visuals. And lighting a set, no matter which camera, is of utmost importance. The GoPro tends to do well when you have ample lighting or natural sunlight. But if you are working in a dark zone, turn the camera’s setting to 24 FPS for the best possible lighting.

Video production is always fun and the GoPro provides a lot of versatility making it an excellent camera to have on your next shoot.