What is the ideal length of a video on Instagram?

You would think that Instagram videos should be short in length…and you’d definitely be right.

Today, an Instagram video can only be 60 seconds in length, but the newly launched IGTV features more engaging content that can last up to 10 minutes. Verified Instagram accounts may upload videos up to 60 minutes in length on IGTV.

IGTV is a platform where brands and individuals can show longer content. It also has a feature where IGTV clips may be previewed via the main Instagram feed.

But what is the ideal length of your Instagram video that will get you maximum engagement for your brand?

The Basics of Social Media Marketing Video Production

The average length of the most liked videos on Instagram today is 26 seconds.

The types of videos that tend to do well on Instagram are funny, emotional, event coverage videos and tutorials.

Instagram videos are ideal to effectively promote your brand.

Short, insightful consumer videos such as man on the street videos or customer testimonials can be very effective tools for Instagram marketing videos.

Users who want to dominate the video space on Instagram may post short trailers as Instagram posts to promote longer IGTV videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Video Editing

Remember, your audience will spend time with your video if you have something worthwhile to show them.

A man on street video where you interview strangers on the street has always been an engaging format for brands. To spice it up, add captions with colorful backgrounds, interesting music and even a bit of animation, to turn your ordinary man on street video into a viral sensation!

Instagram is geared for short form content. Use it to leave a visually stunning impression on your audience.