Branded video content is reaching record numbers across social media platforms and traditional TV channels in India.

A higher penetration of mobile phones, India being the 2nd highest consumer of smartphones in the world, means video content is king in the rapidly growing South Asian powerhouse.

Marketing Video Production

Creative, funny and native Hindi speaking videos with high production value tend to perform better amongst the overall population of India. But, English-branded content and short videos also tend to perform well. Your marketing video should be produced knowing that Indian end-users will be sharing it primarily via WhatsApp or viewing it on YouTube and Instagram.

India Video Production

Thanks to Bollywood, the robust and prolific Indian film industry, films and television still contribute heavily to the content consumed by Indians today. Branded video content is now interspersed within films and television shows to increase value. The infrastructure for ad delivery is also highly evolved in India, where video ads pop up everywhere from public buses to multiplexes. 

Short, crisp and relevant videos with an emotional connection have proven to win the Indian consumer, who is brand loyal but also keeps budget in mind.

Gain Consumer Insights

If you are planning on launching your brand in India, consumer insights gained through video testimonials are extremely effective. While traditional market research and competitor analysis will show you the numbers, customer testimonials provide eye-opening insights that otherwise remain hidden in the graphs and charts.

India Video Production Company in NYC

Snippies is a video production company based in NYC with video crews in India. Our quick turnaround time has helped agencies, brands and Fortune 100 companies gain relatable insights through consumer videos. Our state of the art post production ensures that your advertisement or branded content resonates with your target audience.