You’ve done it. Reached the year 2020. 

A new year means new changes in every aspect of your life and while we can’t exactly predict what the next twelve months will bring you we can give you an idea of what trends in video marketing we might see. 

Virtual Reality Videos

Virtual reality or VR videos where you can immerse yourself into a brand will increase. Several real estate companies and coworking spaces around the world use multidimensional, 360-degree video to showcase their places. Kit Kat the chocolate bar used a 360-degree video to introduce its brand new matcha flavor and with good reason. The video, which was placed on YouTube, resulted in 100% ad-recall value and a 7% increase in overall purchases. 

Augmented Reality Videos

Another trend will be augmented reality videos. AR is the method by which a video or image and sounds have been superimposed onto reality. This trend has been popularized through video games like Pokémon. While the video game world relies heavily on animated videos, there are several real world videos that may become part of augmented reality, as well. 

For example, in a promotion for a film, audience members may be able to interact with a projected video of a character. 

Long-Form Videos

If you’ve used a video production team to produce social media videos, chances are you’ve told them to keep it short. 

But this is changing. 

Brand videos that have a compelling story, breathtaking visuals and a high-end video production value are shown to perform better with actual customers. Patagonia has shown this through its rich documentary style footage of people using their products in compelling ways. 

Story and Personalization

If you’ve noticed, Facebook often customizes short animated videos, which feature photos of you and your friends for birthdays. This is done with good reason. Today’s consumer is highly sought after. Eyeballs and time spent viewing, when it comes to marketing videos, are more precious than gold. 

Building storylines that match each of your target audience’s interests ensures longer viewing times and a greater return on investment for your brand video.

Despite all the changes in technology, adding reality, depth and greater clarity to videos – the story you tell is still the most important part of your video.