One of the best ways to monetize video content is through influencer videos.

If you are an expert in your field and share your knowledge with the world – chances are your video content will go viral.

But wisdom alone will not monetize video content. 

For you to build a sizeable audience and consistently achieve thousands to millions of views on your videos, you will need to develop a style for your videos and, more importantly, a style of your own.

These tips are also applicable for a corporate video. If you are interviewing a CEO of an organization, the video needs to make them look presentable, respectable and authoritative. 

Why Worry about Clothes on Camera?

Wearing the wrong thing on camera may take credibility away from your spokesperson, thus diluting your brand credibility. 

Even if you are a Zen master with no cares of how the world perceives you, it’s best for your video to keep a few tips in mind. 

So What Should You Wear on Camera? 

Adding color adds contrast to the picture and actually helps draw attention to your face and your content! 

Both men and women may wear warm colors like purple, light blue, cobalt and similar. 

Simple solid colors work better on screen than patterns. Certain patterns get caught in a game of tag with the camera lens and cause loss of focus. This takes away attention from your message and puts it squarely on the clothes. Avoid stripes at all costs. 

Pro Tip: Avoid white, black or bright red altogether. All of these are solid, yes, but they present problems during production and in the editing process. 

For women, wearing simple jewelry that doesn’t move too much is a good option. Think a simple bracelet or necklace. Avoid dangling earrings because, again, that distracts from the message. 

That’s it. The rules of being on camera are pretty simple. Now go and monetize videos and accrue those millions of YouTube views for yourself and your brand.