Is your brand looking to be the next Pixar of marketing videos? Do you want the Toy Story franchise to pale in comparison to your end of the year corporate animation video? Nobody said it’s impossible, but do you really need to?

Having a strong reason associated with why you’re using animating will result in the best final video. 

When is animation helpful?

Animation is best used when you want to address issues in a quirky, easy to understand and lighthearted way. But you can just as easily use it to draw emotions like empathy and to display the surreal or fantastic. Combining humor and animation is also useful when you want to add excitement to otherwise boring topics. 

Based on our video production experience, here is when you’ll benefit from using animation in your video. 

  1. Larger than life FAQs – If you run a business with a unique product or service where the 6-minute-elevator pitch doesn’t do the trick – animation can bring a greater depth of understanding. 
  2. Brand marketing – Geico insurance’s talking reptilian brand ambassador is an animation. If you’re aching for 90s nostalgia, the Kool-Aid jug of . . . kool-aid – also animated! Tony the Tiger telling you that sugar is grrreat for you? Also animated. Just remember, an animated character can do anything and everything you want it to do – something a real-life brand ambassador could never imagine. Use animation smartly to create a brand icon.
  3. Simplify the complex – Whiteboard animation videos have become a bestselling product in and of themselves. But there are many other creative and innovative styles of videos that can simplify complex topics. 
  4. Augmented reality – App based augmented reality today ranges in functionality from video games like Pokémon Go to innovations in e-commerce whereby you can virtually try on clothes or glasses without going outside. By coming up with interesting animated characters or functionalities, you can connect with your consumers in the virtual world.

Animated brand videos according to some studies have nearly 95% recall-value audience’s recollection, than a normal video. So get to the drawing board!