The marketing and accounting departments of your organization have always been at odds. 

Your marketing team will always come from the angle of “can you truly place a dollar amount on unbridled creativity?” And your accounting team will have a profoundly guttural ‘heck yes!’ response to the question.

So, when it comes to producing marketing videos, does budget matter? 

Of course it does. 

Setting a Marketing Video Budget

The truth is, marketers need to define the goal for every video produced. Doing so is actually in a marketing person’s favor. By clearly outlining the amount you want to spend and aligning it with a business result, your accounting team is more likely to green light future marketing videos and branding spends. 

Setting a budget clears the air. It gives you a sense of what you want to accomplish with the video and also allows you to decide what kind of video you want to produce.

If you prove great results from one marketing video, chances are you will get more budget allotted for your next project. 

Why a Great Video Production Company will Save You Money

Because a major chunk of your video production budget will be spent on hiring a video production company, you should really know the type of marketing video you want produced. 

When you search for a video production company in a place like New York City, you will come across hundreds of options. They will each vary in their specialties, but at the end of the day, you need to pay attention to the quality of their previous videos.

To make an effective marketing video, you need a team that understands your goals and will do so within your budget. 

Some production companies will be excellent at producing guerilla videos or independent film, but their sensibilities for corporate video production will be non-existent. 

A good video production company will also shoot enough material that will yield useful video content for multiple videos. 

Choosing a video production company that puts emphasis on planning, goals and has a state of the art post production facility will save you money and yield greater returns on your spends.