By the year 2020, 80% of all online content will be video.

How will you ensure that your videos are some of the most viewed on the web? Optimization.

By analyzing your online video content, you will slowly learn small tricks that make an average video into a viral video.

Video platform services and social media networks such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Analytics and Facebook Page statistics will all provide you with basic video statistics. But if you’re serious about your video content being optimized for search and consumption, then you should definitely try one of the following video analytic tools to optimize your content.


This is an artificial-intelligence-based platform that dishes out data on all social media networks; videos included. Its AI technology allows you to better understand your audience and help you create the content that they will respond to best. McDonald’s, Toyota and Lexus are a few of the brands utilizing SocialBakers for their analysis.


An easy-to-use app that has been tried and tested by several YouTubers, vidIQ may be added to your Chrome browser as an extension. The app gives you tips on how to write your descriptions, which tags to use, and puts all the essential stats in a single place. This is a great analytics tool if you are looking to optimize your YouTube channel.


Vidooly uses AI to identify what content your audience is engaging with and gives you tips on growing your audience. It also tracks your audience across the web to give you important data on what they’re watching across platforms. Additionally, it allows you to compare user generated content versus brand generated. This is a robust application ideal for brands and organizations who want to optimize their overall online reputation.

If you are making video content online today, you have basic statistics to use. But if you are interested in creating videos that will help you grow your audience, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a rich video analytics tool.